......Our History
The Pipe Club of London was
formed in 1970 in association
with the late Pipe Club of Great
Britain with a view to encourage
the appreciation of quality pipes
and fine tobaccos, and, to
promote the interests of
members by offering them social
entertainment and educational
facilities connected with pipes
and tobacco.

The Club is truly international in
scope, having approximately 300
members in twenty-six countries
around the world.

Meetings are held at various
venues in and around the greater
London metropolitan area. Please
click on the Club Calendar tab for
specific venues, dates and times.

All pipe smokers whether novice
or expert, men or ladies are
welcome to attend. Activities
include tobacco tasting, talks on
pipes and tobaccos, pipe-
smoking competitions, visits
to pipe factories--and the
camaraderie of like-minded
pipe smokers. [More
Club Officers
 Life President
Peter C. Wiseman UK050L
& 1st Lady Bridgette Wiseman
Tel. 01689 607528

Bernard Allotey UK372F
Tel. 0795 0605617

 Vice Chairman
Gottfried Panzer UK165L
Tel. 0208 8470983

Secretary & Treasurer
John Green UK270L

Public Relations Officer
David Buist UK678F

Journal Editor
Laurence Kothari UK439F
.    .
Committee Members
.for 2014 HERE.
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Upcoming Meetings
16 August - Saturday
Thatcher's Arms - CM13 3HU
Radford Cup Slow-Smoking Competition
12 August - Tuesday
James J. Fox, est. 1787
19 St. James's Street (A4)
London SW1A 1ES
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James J. Fox
2nd Tuesday of each month.
Website: www.jjfoxpipes.co.uk
Facebook: HERE
19 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1ES

Time: 6:00 ~ 8:00pm
"Pipe Dreams" HERE
YouTube Channel: HERE


Thatcher's Arms
3rd Saturday of each month
unless there's an away event planned.
Always check the Club Calendar for

Warley Street
Great Warley,
Essex  CM13 3H
Tel. 01277 233535

Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm start
HERE for a map.

What of the noble meerschaum, then?
Sorry. Given their porosity and ability to
absorb the by-products of combustion,
they may be an improvement over briar,
but, if you haven't already, you really
must add a calabash - or two or three
or four or more to your collection.
Think of the calabash's construction: a
tobacco chamber (a meerschaum cup or
a gypsum plaster liner) - perched atop
an air chamber with a volume of several
cubic inches which serves to cool the
smoke and absorb condensates
they reach your tender lips at the tip of
the mouthpiece. Perfection in design!   
(continued at left)
PCoL Journal No. 39 HERE!
Pipes designated as "calabashes"
have been made of materials other
than bottle gourd - briar, mahogany
and meerschaum, for example, but
although they may share the same
general shape, they lack the benefit
of that large smoke-cooling air
chamber, so don't be fooled.
- Johnny Long, PCoL Webmaster

Other links to whet your appetite
for this ignoble looking smoker:
Images of Calabashes HERE.
Our PCoL page HERE - includes a
helpful listing of the calabash types.
Sherlock Holmes & calabash HERE.
Wikipedia on the calabash HERE.
A Pipe
"Born of the Little Karoo"
1. What pipe
has a body made
from a South African
bottle gourd?
2. What type of pipe is falsely
identified with Sherlock Holmes?

Back in 2005, just after my wife
and I moved to London, I bought
an estate pipe, a lovely little 1908

with a fine meerschaum
bowl and sterling silver bits
(above). Stamped on the body of
the pipe was a single,
odd-sounding word: "KAROO."

Curious, to know whether this
was the the name of the maker or
the style of the pipe, I googled
"KAROO" and was delighted to
find an
article by a South African
chap by the name of
Colin Wesley.

I emailed Colin, and, in his helpful
reply, he suggested that I
consider membership in the Pipe
Club of London. I wrote back -  
expressing my fear that they
might be a group of "stuffy old
farts" who would not welcome a
Yank. He replied immediately,
assuring me that I would be
pleasantly surprised by their warm
welcome, and mentioned Peter
Wiseman in particular. He was
spot on, and thus began my
happy association with the fine
lads (and the odd lassie) of
the Pipe Club of London.
Colin also urged me to purchase
History of the Calabash Pipe"
by Gary Schrier - which I did
immediately - as my collection of
this type had by then grown to
10 or so. Thank you Colin. I
shall forever be in your debt!

Ramble over. NOW, to the subject
at hand:
Glorious? Really? Admittedly, they
are quite homely. But, if you are in
search of the coolest smoke on
the planet, I hate to disappoint
you, but you'll not get it from your
briars, lovely as they may be. As
the owner of well over 250 briars
of every shape and description, I
know whereof I speak.
(continued at left)
membership in the prestigious
Pipe Club of London
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band! We have several levels of
membership. For details, click
(See the revised 2014 Membership Form.)
Fred Bass
See his Meerschaum page HERE!