......Our History
The Pipe Club of London was
formed in 1970 in association
with the late Pipe Club of Great
Britain with a view to encourage
the appreciation of quality pipes
and fine tobaccos, and, to
promote the interests of
members by offering them social
entertainment and educational
facilities connected with pipes
and tobacco.

The Club is truly international in
scope, having approximately 300
members in 26 countries and
visitors to this website from 145
nations around the world.

Meetings are held at various
venues in and around the greater
London metropolitan area. Please
click on the Club Calendar tab for
specific venues, dates and times.

All pipe smokers whether novice
or expert, men or ladies are
welcome to attend. Activities
include tobacco tasting, talks on
pipes and tobaccos, pipe-
smoking competitions, visits
to pipe factories--and the
camaraderie of like-minded
pipe smokers. [More
Club Officers
 Life President
Peter C. Wiseman UK050L
& 1st Lady Bridgette Wiseman
Tel. 01689 607528

Bernard Allotey UK372F
Tel. 0795 0605617

 Vice Chairman
Gottfried Panzer UK165L
Tel. 0208 8470983

Secretary & Treasurer
John Green UK270L

Public Relations Officer
David Buist UK678F

Journal Editor
Laurence Kothari UK439F
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New Saturday Venue for 2015
Saturday 21 February
THE SWAN (Full Details At Left)
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1. James J. Fox
2nd Tuesday of each month.
Website: www.jjfoxpipes.co.uk
19 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1ES

Time: 6:00 ~ 8:00 pm

"Pipe Dreams" HERE
James J. FoxYouTube Channel: HERE

2. The Swan
3rd Saturday of each
- but always check our Club
Calendar for details of away events.

121 The High Road - Horndon-on-the-Hill
SS17 8LD

Time: 11:30 am
for a 12:00 pm
for a map.

Read online reviews for the pub

confident that the farmer's plow
would n'er come nigh his dwelling,
finds his house smashed and hopes
dashed - thus the immortal line,
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an'
men gang aft agley"
- go oft awry.
(Kilmarnock volume, 1785)

See MS Dawn Steele recite Burns's
HERE. (You may not under-
stand a blinkin' word she's saying,  
but she is delightful to behold.)

But what on earth does Ode to a
have to do with this column?  

Everything. Alas, my best laid
for a bang-up New Years
article on the Shisha (Hookah) pipe
of the ancient east - featuring
newly acquired antique smoking
aparatus -
"gang aft agley." Totally.

I've recently returned from a
grand excursion to North Africa
where I plied the narrow lanes of
two millenia-old Medinas in two
ancient cities - certain that I would
lay hands on a pair of treasures to
add to my ridiculously eclectic
collection of well over 500 pipes.

What was I searcing for? One,
an Ottoman Empire era "Chibouk"
of the type featured here on our
2014 HOME page. And, I
desperately wanted to find a
working antique solid copper and/or
brass specimen of the
Shisha, complete with the lovely
cylindrical perforated wind cap.  
(continue in column at left)
To eliminate the language barrier, my
trusty tablet was always in hand -
complete with color photographs of
the treasures I sought. Trust me, I
looked long and hard - until my wife
was weary and my poor feet were
screaming for mercy!

If you've searched ancient markets
for antique pipes, you'll know how a
wizened old merchant will entice
you with false hope as they send
an emissary scurrying off to some
mysterious location to fetch your
coveted prize. Actually, I did manage
to lay my hands on one very, very old
solid copper Shisha in this way. Sadly,
I was 200 years too late. It was in
deplorable condition, utterly useless.

So, here I am, pipe-collecting tail
tucked 'tween my  legs, defeated and
forced to collect photos second-hand
from happier chaps. Meanwhile, I
continue - undaunted - relentlessly
Googling for antique pipes sellers on
eBay and elsewhere in the hope of
finding my dream Chibouk and Shisha.

I did have an interesting conversation
with one merchant in his 40s who
(continued in column at left)
PCoL Journal NO. 40 Fall 2014
Tuesday 10 February
James J. Fox, est. 1787
19 St. James's Street (A4)
London SW1A 1ES
Club Meetings
HEAR the smashing BBC interview on
pipe smoking with our club's own
James Ashmore! (pictured at left)
Right click HERE and select "save"
the 2.9 MB MP3 sound file.
wanted to know which
tobacco-burning apparatus I
deemed least injurious to one's
health, the cigar, cigarette, Shisha
or pipe. Professing no medical
expertise, I ventured that they
were most dangerous in this order:
the Shisha, the cigarette, the cigar,
and lastly the pipe.
What thinkest

My one experience with Shisha
was in Grenada, Spain back in 2009.
I  found myself doubly surprised,
one, by the gentle sweetness of the
smoke, and two, by how deeply I
was forced to inhale to force the
smoke from the burner down the
long center tube, through the water
and out the mouthpiece. It is quite
impossible to smoke Shisha without
inhaling - deeply. So, when I do
manage to acquire one, I plan to
piddle round with it as a novelty
rather than use it seriously.  

Perhaps later this year - if the
farmer's plow spares me wee
dwelling - I shall take one month
to feature some of the more bizarre
pipes in my collection. I do think
you'd fancy seeing them.

Your freshly humbled pipe-hound,
Johnny Long
Webmaster, the PCoL
N his delightful poem, "Ode to
a Mouse," Robbie Burns laments
the fate of a wee field mouse,
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