could aspire? Hmmm. President of
the United States? or Russia? or
China? Those are not to be sniffed
at when one considers the raw
power one would wield, but, they
are woefully lacking in the splendid
ceremony and fuss department.

Come now, is the answer not
obvious? The King or Queen of
England, of course!

Maybe. But like Esau who sold his
birthright for a mess of potage,
Prince Edward VIII of Wales
thumbed the royal nose at his newly
won title,
HRH King of England, and
on 10 December 1936, signed an
instrument of abdication to earn
the title "husband" for the love of a
woman who had divorced her first
husband and was busy ridding
herself of her second. Worse
still,Wallis Simpson, socialite,
commoner, was (GASP!) an

To his credit, Edward
married Wallis the following year and
was true to her until his death 35
years later.

But what does all this have to do
with pipes?
Nothing and everything.
If you enjoy the luxury of a largish
pipe collection, you're likely to have
a Prince among them. [
Here  Here]

In the 1920s, long before England
fell out of love with E VIII, Loewe &
Co., a London-based pipe maker,
designed a pipe shape specifically
for Edward. It resembled the apple
with the top of the bowl flattened.
That, together with the gentle curve
of the stem, lent it an air of smug
sophistication. (go left)
......Our History
The Pipe Club of London was
formed in 1970 in association
with the late Pipe Club of Great
Britain with a view to encourage
the appreciation of quality pipes
and fine tobaccos, and, to
promote the interests of
members by offering them social
entertainment and educational
facilities connected with pipes
and tobacco.

The Club is truly international in
scope, having approximately 300
members in 26 countries and
visitors to this website from 145
nations around the world.

Meetings are held at various
venues in and around the greater
London metropolitan area. Please
click on the Club Calendar tab for
specific venues, dates and times.

All pipe smokers whether novice
or expert, men or ladies are
welcome to attend. Activities
include tobacco tasting, talks on
pipes and tobaccos, pipe-
smoking competitions, visits
to pipe factories--and the
camaraderie of like-minded
pipe smokers. [More
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1. James J. Fox
2nd Tuesday of each month.
19 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1ES

Time: 6:00 ~ 8:00 pm

"Pipe Dreams" HERE
James J. FoxYouTube Channel: HERE

2. The Swan
3rd Saturday of each
- but always check our Club
Calendar for details of away events.

121 The High Road - Horndon-on-the-Hill
SS17 8LD

Time: 11:30 am
for a 12:00 pm
for a map.

Read online reviews for the pub
The delightful Dutchman and fellow
pipeman, Arno van Goor,
writes a
fascinating blog on all things pipe.
You will enjoy reading his column on
"the Prince of Pipes."

If one trolls the Internet in search
of images of Edward VIII smoking a
pipe, more than a dozen can be
found. However, one will have great
difficulty finding
The Prince smoking
A Prince. See if you can do better.
Several of the pipes appear to be a
near match, but only one I have
found is spot on. Indeed, in several
photos, his pipe resembles a golf
club - a driver. I wonder: Does the
photo at left feature one Prince -
or two?
Tuesday 9 June
James J. Fox, est. 1787
19 St. James's Street (A4)
London - SW1A 1ES
Upcoming Club Meetings
HINK: As you survey the
grand march of human
what is the most
lofty title, the highest post
to which a human being
The 2015 Club Pipe
from Ian Walker of Northern Briars
Click HERE for details.
Saturday 20 June
Visit of Bob Gregory (Samuel Gawith)
and Ian Walker (Northern Briars)
The Swan - London - SS17 8LD
Club Officers
 President Emeritus
Peter C. Wiseman UK050L
& 1st Lady Bridgette Wiseman
Tel. 01689 607528

Bernard Allotey
Tel. 0795 0605617

Chairman/Hon. Secretary-
John Green UK270L

 Vice Chairman
Gottfried Panzer UK165L
Tel. 0208 8470983

 Media Officer
Laurence Kothari UK439F


Committee Members
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And the Radford Cup winner is
ANDY STEWART with a time of
57'10" smoking a Northern Briar.
HERE to see our Chairman John
Green presenting this year's
champion with the prize.