ment surgery, I purposely ingested a
dose of rat poison. Why I did so is
quite the story, so read on.

A potent rodenticide was
synthesized in the 1940s by the
American biochemist and devoted
pipeman, Dr. Karl Paul Link in his
Wisconsin Alumni Research
Foundation (WARF) laboratory in
Madison WI. WARF? (That's a hint.)

Dead Cows & Sweet Clover
On a snowy Saturday afternoon in
February 1933, Link was working
in his lab in the school of agriculture
when a cattle farmer from Deer Park,
Wisconsin paid an unexpected visit
to the lab. Ed Carlson was dis-
traught because his cows were
mysteriously dying from hemorrhage.
Carlson suspected his herd’s sweet
clover hay feed, and wanted Link’s
insight into the situation. After
several years of work on the rancid
sweet clover hay, Link and his
research team made an important
chemical discovery. In 1941, they
isolated an anticoagulant called
dicumarol from the spoiled hay.   
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The Pipe Club of London was
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Not only did this chemical prevent
blood clots,
it caused rats to die
from hemorrhage! Link assigned  
the patent on the chemical to the
Wisconsin Alumni Research
Foundation (WARF) which patented
the substance in 1948 under the
“warfarin” and began to
market the product as a commercial
rodenticide.  (
Karl Link Photo Link)

When a depressed soldier
suicide with Warfarin, it
was discovered that he (and all
humans) were immune to it. Thus
Warfarin began to be marketed
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Dr. Karl Paul Link
January 1901 - November 1978
The micro-combustion aparatus Link
and his students used to isolate the
chemical comound dicoumerol.
as an anticoagulant to prevent
blood clots and to treat strokes!  

And there you have it - why the
surgeon prescribed your (not so)
humble Webmaster a dose of rat
poison before surgery - to prevent
the development of post-op blood
clots in my left leg. (X-ray)